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For any business owner, promoting his or her brand in  Cape Town is very important.  They have to find out various ways of promotion of all their products. It is a way of making potential consumers aware of their brand. Till the time consumers will not be aware of your company, they will obviously not come towards you. Hence, promotion is the tool to make your company stand out amongst all other companies in Cape Town  and also to create awareness among the probable buyers. It can be done in innumerable ways. One can use the print media, television advertisements, radio, personal media and many more.

These days a new trend has come up in this field. This trend is the promotion of products by holding small events in malls and such similar places. For example, the company will hold a five day event in a mall and in those five days it will do heavy promotions of the brand. It will hire a few actors or models who would be interested in helping out. So in this manner the purpose of field marketing will be fulfilled. Field marketing is basically the concept of giving samples and showcasing products on the field. This procedure requires manpower, resources and a bit limelight. In the manpower, the company can hire models that would willingly do their work of promotion. These models will be called as the promotional models. There are a few event management companies who handle everything related to such events. Such companies help the promoting company with hiring promotional model.

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We are all familiar with the concept that promotional merchandising options such as promotional lanyards and USB sticks can make a big impact on our target market and help improve client relationships, but there are actually several other benefits to investing in these. One area where these can be well utilised is when giving them away to your own staff.

Many people know that branded company items have long been bought for employees - particularly items of company clothing - in order that your workplace presents itself well to the world outside, but you could actually be underestimating the benefits of this for your staff.

The first major benefit is that everyone loves receiving free gifts, especially your staff, and they will appreciate you for it. It is not only clients and associates that can be won over by your generosity, and by providing your staff with branded products that are of a high quality and that they can actually use, you will be successfully boosting staff morale.

This will also help you foster the image of a caring employer, and one who is generous and grateful to his or her staff for all their hard work. Although this is undoubtedly true anyway, a gift is an important expression of that gratitude, and can help you build up a strong working relationship with your staff.

Examples of promotional merchandise that will work well in this kind of situation include promotional lanyards, key rings, pens, USB keys, mugs, mouse pads, diaries, calculators, umbrellas, business card holders and even leather wallets. All of these are practical items that your staff will undoubtedly get a lot of use out of.

This leads on to the next point, and that is that promotional items will often make your employees' jobs far more easier, which will in turn boost your staff morale and help them work better. This is not something that companies often think of, but having pens, USB sticks and coffee mugs on hand for everyone to use and enjoy when they need them is extremely valuable.

This basically means that your staff do not have to invest any of their own money or worry about supplies running out. Instead, they can relax in the knowledge that you are providing everything that they need to help them do their job properly.

Apart from the above suggestions, some items which might fall into this category include not only promotional lanyards and pens, but also calendars, paper desk pads, fleeces for cold weather, travel mugs for business trips, hand sanitizers and many more. For more inspiration it is a good idea to contact your favourite merchandising provider to ask them for further suggestions.

Last but not least, one of the main reasons why this type of free giveaway to your employees can boost morale is that it fosters the feeling of unity among those working for your business. It is a kind of internal branding - there are many things in the office that coordinate and correspond, creating an appearance of solidarity, identity and professionalism.

This works in a similar way to staff uniforms - if people are using the same branded equipment and stationery items throughout the day, this helps assign them the identity as a worker for your company. These are just a few ways that giving promotional products to your staff instead of just your customers can help boost staff morale.

By making sure that you have an interior brand identity, that your employees have all the equipment that they need to perform as best they can, and by fostering good feeling with your free gifts, you will be paving the way for a happy and cohesive workforce.

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