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For any business owner, promoting his or her brand in  Cape Town is very important.  They have to find out various ways of promotion of all their products. It is a way of making potential consumers aware of their brand. Till the time consumers will not be aware of your company, they will obviously not come towards you. Hence, promotion is the tool to make your company stand out amongst all other companies in Cape Town  and also to create awareness among the probable buyers. It can be done in innumerable ways. One can use the print media, television advertisements, radio, personal media and many more.

These days a new trend has come up in this field. This trend is the promotion of products by holding small events in malls and such similar places. For example, the company will hold a five day event in a mall and in those five days it will do heavy promotions of the brand. It will hire a few actors or models who would be interested in helping out. So in this manner the purpose of field marketing will be fulfilled. Field marketing is basically the concept of giving samples and showcasing products on the field. This procedure requires manpower, resources and a bit limelight. In the manpower, the company can hire models that would willingly do their work of promotion. These models will be called as the promotional models. There are a few event management companies who handle everything related to such events. Such companies help the promoting company with hiring promotional model.

Music Festival Brand Activations

The science of scent marketing has a history as old as the art of perfumes and scents. Various perfumes and scents were used as far back as pre Christian days with myrrh and frankincense considered the more costly. These odor producing substances were used to attract the spirits of the living as well as of the dead. It was assumed when used by holy people or by others to entice people to buy their wares that people could be influenced by these scents. Of course, the science of scent marketing is considered a modern age technology. The science was established as a verifiable science when tests were done to determine whether people could be affected by scents. The results showed that people were attracted not only sexually by scents emitted from the opposite sex but that if the scent of the opposite sex was chemically reproduced and used by a same sex person, the same sex person could be sexually attracted to the same sex if the scent they emitted was replicated by that person.

The science of scent marketing and brand fragrance has evolved to the point where entire industries have sprung up producing machines that can be attached to air conditioning and central heating systems emitting a machine scent. These machines that emit a scent or a brand fragrance chosen by the business establishment when turned on and slowly continued to be emitted thereby marking that business much like any animal would mark his territory are used as scent marketing systems or branding strategies.

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